Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

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The F.I.T. System is a patent-pending dual fuel system that can easily be installed on virtually any diesel engine with a turbo. The F.I.T. is the only System that is installed pre-turbo. The alternative fuel is then injected into the F.I.T. System, which eliminates hot spots due to the extreme lubricity of the gaseous fuel.

Our F.I.T. System is installed seamlessly into your exiting engine, and no special accommodations are needed. When you choose this System, you never have to worry about a loss in horsepower, and your vehicle operates as it was originally designed.

The F.I.T. System will run on both EGR and DEF, and it won’t impact the OEM equipment.

Watch your fuel costs burn away

The F.I.T. System is universal. This enables it to be transferred to other vehicles. As you replace your fleet, the F.I.T. System can be taken off of one vehicle and installed onto another using only labor and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) mapping changes.  Once the System has been removed, the vehicle can operate on diesel fuel just like before the conversion.

- Less diesel fuel is burned

- More alternative fuel is burned

- Reduced total cost of fuel

- Modular (it can be removed from one vehicle and installed on another)

- No special changes or modifications needed

- Multiple conversions can be performed using one system

- Extend the life of older vehicles - 435,000+ miles or 10 years old

- Cleaner emissions for older vehicles

- Customized fuel mapping

- Engine integrity is maintained

- Warranty remains in tact

How the F.I.T. System works

Seamless installations

Completely universal

The benefits of our F.I.T. System:

fit system

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Dual Fuel System

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