Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

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We are a US based distributor of the Fuel Injected Tunnel (F.I.T.) System.

The F.I.T. System is a patent pending

low-pressure dual fuel system that has been proven to significantly reduce the cost of fuel and improve your vehicle's performance. This system is ideal for fleets, off-road equipment, and any diesel engine with a turbo.

The reduction in fuel costs is a direct result of the F.I.T. System's ability to burn a mixture of natural gas or propane, and diesel fuel. As you burn more of the cheaper alternative fuel, less of the diesel fuel is burned. In other words, the higher the level of displacement, the greater amount of money you save. Additionally, once the alternative fuel is completely consumed, the engine seemlessly runs on diesel fuel. This eliminates any range anxiety.

Typically, the F.I.T. System is installed on Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks. However, the F.I.T. System can be installed on any diesel engine with a turbo. If you’re a fleet manager looking to significantly lower your fuel bill, improve vehicle performance, and extend the life of your fleet – the F.I.T. System is a great option.

Improved performance

Reduce diesel fuel costs

Extend the life of your fleet

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