Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

Industrial Fuel Systems-North America

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F.I.T. fueling costs (60 gal capacity – 47% diesel and 53% CNG)

This establishment has the required knowledge, installation infrastructure, and support necessary to ensure you receive a proper installation. Their history goes back to 1967, and they currently represent Mack, Volvo, Kenworth, Hino, and Isuzu brands. They have locations in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina. You can count on them to have a complete understanding of your fleets equipment and needs.

Precision Alternative Fuel Solutions is certified to install compressed natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, and diesel dual fuel systems. They are also certified by system providers Altech-Eco, Impco, CNG United, LandiRenzo, NatGasCar, Country Side Propane, and many others. They currently serve individuals, cities, counties, utility companies, and large corporations.

Current fueling costs (60 gal capacity

- $4.00 per gallon for diesel


- $4.00 x 60 GAL = $240

F.I.T. Systems are installed by a nationwide network of certified installers

- $4.00 per gallon diesel (47%)

- $2.25 per gallon CNG (53%)

- 47% x 60 gal = 28.2 gal

- $4.00 x 28.2 gal = $112.80 for diesel

- 53% x 60 gal = 31.8 gal

- $2.25 x 31.8 gal = $71.55 for CNG

- $112.80 diesel cost + $71.55 CNG cost = $184.35 new cost

- Save $55.65 per 60 gal tank or 23%

We are proud to have Worldwide Equipment Inc. and Precision Alternative Fuel Solutions support our patent-pending system. We can provide you with complete fueling solutions for your fleet. Call us now for more information.

Give us a call now if you have any questions.


Worldwide Equipment, Inc. – Prestonsburg, Kentucky

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